Best Selling PC Games 2022

What drives the popularity of some PC games over others? They may be the best selling PC games of all time, but what makes them so compelling? And how did they reach this status?

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Best Selling PC Games 2022

What Makes A Best Selling PC Game?

With the list of best-selling PC games, there are a few aspects that you can begin to pinpoint. Making such a game with this kind of demand is an impossible feat, but some commonalities do seem to be prevalent.

Subscription-Based Games

The top 15 PC games that’ve been the best sellers in the last few years are mostly accompanied by a service that monitors and updates them so they never get old and always seem new. The latest graphics and hardware innovations in PC gaming mean it’s necessary to have a game that stays current.

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In the top 15 games that have multiple titles, one franchise is a timeless classic that has been entertaining players for over 20 years. The Sims is fourth iteration of the original, released in 2000. With expansions accompanying each level, this game reaches a monumental size well suited to any gamer’s lust for content and entertainment abilities.

In spite of The Sims, which ranks 15th under the best-selling category, the other titles in this listing are also from popular franchises. These include The Elder Scrolls, World of Warcraft, Doom, and Star Wars. Since these games rely on a well-known franchise name to market more gamers, they also need to meet more expectations. These games are good because they had to do more than just rank really high on tax revenue lists.

Best Selling PC Games Of All Time – Top 5

From StarCraft to the original World of Warcraft, playing PC games has been a favorite for decades. For those looking to jump into PC gaming, you should know that there is considerable diversity in the category – from horror titles like Alien: Isolation to sports games like FIFA Soccer 18, there is something for everyone.

Starcraft II – 4.86 million units sold

Thousands of games come and go, but Blizzard’s Starcraft II has been out for 13 years. Offering single and multiplayer experiences, as well as the first few levels available as a free-to-play introduction, There’s probably billions of hours logged playing by now. Strategy games have long been popular, but Blizzard has shown its dominance with Starcraft II.

Microsoft Flight Simulator – 5.12 million units sold

For years, flight simulators have been popular. People love the chance to feel like they’re piloting their own plane, seeing beautiful landscapes around the world. Granted, Microsoft Flight Simulator first launched back in the 1980s, but graphics weren’t what you’d call “beautiful.”

Flight simulators have really taken off in the gaming world and you can easily convert your bedroom into a cockpit to give the simulation an even more realistic feel.

Diablo III – 5.26 million units sold

Blizzard can make a song our of 8 years – with expansions coming back to the epic ARPG loop. Diablo 3 skyrockets from 3rd place to 1st, with each expansion giving new life to fresh organic gameplay mechanics. The base game progresses through the first four acts of a story with five playable classes until additional expansions let you play as more classes and continue through more acts.

World of Warcraft – 6.35 million units sold

World of Warcraft, one of the most popular MMORPGs to date, made its way onto this list taking second place. Released in 2004, the game still attracts millions of players through constant expansions and game updates that keep it feel fresh and adding new content for long-time players.

The Sims 3 – 7.96 million units sold

Recently, The Sims has changed drastically thanks to the successful release of their newest entry, the one that people attribute for making this game better than ever. One reason for this is because it added more story elements that made it more “accessible” to newcomers.

This game has improved mechanics, for example, better aspiration system. The psych rating is changed into personality rating. It also provides you with guidance for your gameplay and ways to feel accomplished in the right direction.

Final Word

These are the best selling PC games of all time according to the numbers – but do you think they deserve their spots? Were there any games you were surprised didn’t make the cut? Let us know in the comments below!

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