5 Best Surge Protector for Gaming PC in 2022 [Gamers Choice]

A surge protector protects gaming rigs from power surges by functioning as at either computer accessory or simply as an extension cord. This affordable preventative measure is both functional and easy to put in place, no matter the gaming situation.

A two-year-old surge protector is not as safe as it could be. To keep your electronics protected after any storm, replace your failing surge protector now and test it with a cheap tester to make sure!

It’s important to know that a surge protector’s protection is rated in joules. They take a singe 1,000-joule surge or 10 100-joule surges. A surge protector specifically rated at 1,000 joules can easily last you for years and years.

Surge protectors offer warranties on electronics based on the length of the warranty and the price protection. Look for these attributes when shopping to get the best buy for yourself.

Other factors to consider when selecting a power surge protector include the number of AC outlets, USB outputs, power length of the cord, protection from grounding your difference would be for some use case scenarios.

Best Surge Protector for Gaming PC

The best surge protectors for your gaming PC in 2022.

Best Overall Surge Protector

Anker Power Strip Surge Protector

When a slim plug is hard enough to fit in a hard-to-reach outlet, the PlugSnap comes equipped with a low-profile 45° flat plug.

Wrapping up your heavy laptop charger cord is now easier with the 6 ft of power cord. The length also allows you to be flexible with your movements. Keep your phone fully charged on the go with this plug-in laptop charger.

With PowerExtend’s compatibility with all wall outlets imaginable (100V – 240V), you can use it safely wherever you are.

You can use an adhesive pad that comes with the power strip to attach it securely onto a smooth surface, eliminating the need for screws or holes in drywall.

Anker Power Strip Surge Protector
  • The Anker Advantage: Join the 55 million+ powered by our leading technology.
  • Power Up to 9 Devices: 6 AC outlets and 3 USB ports power everything on your desk from a single compact device.
  • Space-Saving Design: Takes up less space on your desk thanks to a compact design with outlets located on three sides.
  • 7-Point Safety System: Features fire-resistance, internal safety shutters, over-temperature protection, and more to deliver safe power to your connected devices.
  • What You Get: Anker 332 Power Strip (PowerExtend USB 6-Outlet Pod), welcome guide, worry-free 18-month warranty, adhesive strip, and friendly customer service.

Best Smart Surge Protector

APC Smart Plug Wi-Fi Power Strip

Remotely control electronics with your connected device, including AC outlets and USB ports, with this surge protector. Program the APC smart plug using a Wi-Fi connection to remotely power on or off any connected device that plugs into an existing outlet.

If you need to power items that should always be plugged in, the APC PDU is a cost-effective way to do it. Besides a pair of outlets that are up all the time, two additional USB ports provide temporary charging. It also comes with a 2,160 joules rating for protecting against surges or other power troubles.

APC Smart Plug Wi-Fi Power Strip
  • 5 WiFi smart plugs: 3 surge protected smart outlets, plus 2 smart USB charger ports (2.4A shared) that can be independently controlled by Alexa or the APC Home app
  • 3 standard surge protector outlets, and 2 standard USB charging ports (2.4A shared)
  • 2160 Joules of surge protection (inlcudes UL certification) to guard connected electronics from the most powerful surges
  • Alexa smart plug voice control or access the smart plugs from your phone via the free APC Home app, and control from anywhere (WiFi required, but no hub needed)
  • Scheduling: Devices connected to the wifi outlet, such as lighting, small household devices and other electronics, can be scheduled to turn on or turn off automatically via the apc home app, available from the Apple app and Google play stores
  • 2 Year Warranty (unless otherwise stated on packaging), plus a 150,000 dollars connected equipment protection policy

Best Surge Protector For Large Plugs

Belkin Surge Power Strip Protector

One problem with AC outlets is that larger plugs often block them. The Belkin rotating surge protector is a useful device for people who have these problems. Within the eight rotating outlets, a whole a lot plugs can be positioned to optimize plug use. This model has a rating of 4,320 joules and is therefore capable of protecting dynamic electronics from surges.

The PlugOut rotating power outlet organizes three standard outlets. You can mount it to any wall or set it on the ground, whichever is most convenient for you. A USB port adds convenience for recharging electronics.

Belkin Surge Power Strip Protector
  • Surge Protector Multi-Outlet Power Strip: Power everything on your desk with a single compact surge-protected extension cord. This reputable power cord offers 12 AC outlets with surge protection for charging your computer, laptop, phone, camera, and more. One charging station for a clutter-free desk.
  • Compact Space-Saving Pivot Outlet: Developed with rotating outlets to allow extra room for large AC adapter and charger bricks. The cord-management system keeps cables organized. The slender design with an 8 ft/2.4-meters long heavy-duty cord makes it ideal for home offices, workstations, and game rooms.
  • Power Bar with Phone Line Protection: Featuring a 1-in-2-out RJ11 telephone or fax protection to ensure open and continuous phone line connections. It also provides a coaxial cable protection to safeguard cable box and satellite connections. The damage-resistant housing protects circuits from fire, impact, and rust.
  • Reliable Product and Service: Purchase with confidence as it is backed by a lifetime warranty and protected by 300,000 dollar Connected Equipment Warranty. Check out the full specs: 6,000 volts maximum spike voltage, 15A AC (4 stationary outlets, and 8 rotating outlets), 125V, 1875W, and 150K Hz – 100M Hz EMI/RFI Noise Filter.
  • Safeguard Your Devices and Appliances: The electric strip has a 4,320-Joule energy rating providing a reliable power extension cord to protect printers, appliances, and home theater systems. It secures your electronic devices from overload, short circuit, power spikes, lightning strikes, or fluctuations.

Best Space-Saving Surge Protector

Power Strip Tower-BEVA Flat Plug Surge Protector

This Tower-BEVA model is relatively compact, perfect for a desk or cramped workspace. Rated at 1,050 joules, this surge protector provides enough power for modest gaming setups.

With 12 AC outlets and five USB ports, this tower pack a punch. It has a 6-foot power cable and includes two power switches: one for USB ports and the other for the AC outlets to save time when starting up your devices.

Power Strip Tower-BEVA Flat Plug Surge Protector
  • 【Energy Saver and Space Saver】For energy-saving, 2 individual switches on the top of the outlet power strip to control every 2 sides of plugs. You can leave 1 side of plugs power off if you don’t need to charge many devices at once. For space-saving, vertical tower design makes the tower sockets more space-saving than traditional flat power sockets.
  • 【Multi Outlets Surge Protector】Equipped with 12 widely spaced AC outlets(110-125V, 15A/1875W) and 5 USB ports, the electric sockets can charge 17 electronics at the same time. No worry about big adapters will block neighbor power plugs. Ideal for charging multi devices such as computer, phones, TV, speaker, printer, monitors and other electric appliances.
  • 【Smart High-speed USB Charging】The power strip adopts Smart IC technology, which makes it automatically detect the connected devices and supply the maximum charge speed for your devices intelligently. The plug strip can charge 5 USB devices simultaneously and stand firmly with 6 high quality anti-skid pads.
  • 【Safe & Reliable】ETL listed – surge protector(1050 Joules), overload protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection and lightning protection. A built-in circuit breaker will automatically shut off to protect all connected devices when spike in voltage is detected. ABS and PC fireproof casing materials enables the power strip stand temperature up to 1382℉(750℃).
  • 【Buy without Risk】The Beva power tower surge protector with usb ports offers 18-month warranty since the date you buy it in our store. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact our customer service team for help.

Best Budget Surge Protector

Amazon Basics 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector

The AmazonBasics surge protector allows for a cheap power strip that features 12 outlets, 4 of which are spaced for larger plugs. It also has a 4,320-joule rating, guaranteeing it will withstand multiple storms.

When it comes to an appropriate outlet surge protector, the AmazonBasics 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector won’t break the bank. It’s offered with either an 8-foot or 10-foot cable (both included) that reaches further than more expensive models. It doesn’t come with any USB ports or a reset switch, but for 12 outlets it is worth the price.

Amazon Basics 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector
  • IN THE BOX: 12-outlet surge protector power strip with 8-foot cord, a 4320-joule energy rating and 15A/120V/1800W
  • RELIABLE PROTECTION: Protects sensitive electronic devices such as computers, data lines, TVs, and more from potentially-damaging power surges
  • LED LIGHT INDICATORS: Built-in lights automatically indicate active surge protection and grounded wiring
  • ADDITIONAL SAFETY: Fireproof MOV provides additional safety precaution from surges and spikes
  • RESETTABLE CIRCUIT BREAKER: Power on/off switch integrates with a 15Amp overload resettable circuit breaker
  • CONVENIENT & DURABLE DESIGN: Heavy-duty power cord with widely-spaced outlets, sliding covers, and a back keyhole wall-mount

Difference between Surge Protector and Power Strip?

You can purchase Surge protectors, or Power strips; the differences are that surge protectors defend your electronics against voltage spikes which could harm it. While on the other hand, Power Strips allow you extra outlets space.

Now you are able to pick the best surge protector for your gaming pc. If you have additional suggestions, please list them in the comment section below. This way other gamers can also select the best one for their gaming pc with your help.

What is Surge Protector?

A Surge Protector is electronic equipment that offers more than just a few extra power outlets where you can plug your many devices at a single spot.

Can I plug my Gaming PC into a Surge Protector?

Yes, you can plug your gaming PC into a Surge Protector. Just remember about the joule protection of the surge protector that it will be able to protect your PC or not. If yes, then you are good to go.

How much surge protection do I need for gaming?

A surge protector that has a joule rating of 2000+ will protect your gaming PC from any power spike or fluctuations.

How many joules do you need for a gaming PC?

For normal gaming pc 2000 joules are required and for high-end gaming pc 4000 joules are required.

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