CS:GO Bunny Hopping Guide

Bunny hopping relies on a mix of in-game physics and player reaction times to take full advantage in milliseconds by repeatedly rolling the centre point.

Adjust your hotkeys

Bunny Hopping Guide

Bunny hopping is all about consecutive sequenced bars, which can be hard to achieve with a single keystroke. Many gamers prefer the space bar to the timing worries that come with other hotkeys.

If you’re struggling to chain jump with the space key, add these lines to your autoexec file or type them into console. Autoexec files allow players to load their customized settings and and jump with all your other hotkeys the same across every time they launch CS:GO.

  • Bind mwheelup +jump
  • Bind mwheeldown +jump

Though not all gaming mice have the same mouse wheel, it is one of the most practical keys to assign. Copymance reassigns your hot keys for less practical tasks (such as volume or brightness) and assigns it for bunny hopping. This way you will avoid accidents that could ruin round after round with careful timing.

Typing these shortcuts will let you jump by using your mouse wheel and make the process more comfortable. Start trying queue jump after jump while moving in a straight line to build up your momentum and get used to the drill.

Track your process

Knowledge is power, which is why it’s important to track your progress. With the following line in your autoexec file or console, you’ll be able to track movement speed.

  • cl_showpos 1

Use the ‘track process’ command. This will show you information such as your position in coordinates, angles, and most importantly your current velocity. It also provides information from the frame-per-second (FPS) table.

Bunny hopping in strafes rather than running unchanging bunny hops can result in faster speeds. The basic 250-velocity cap does not involve bunny hops, but it is imperative to learn the basics before really pushing the limit.

Add a little strafe into the mix

View video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PZYPPlYd6A&t=100s

To break the speed barrier, you’ll need to get up some speed from bunny hopping by strafing. This can be done by simultaneously moving your mouse right and left while clicking the left button.

Small quick glances are necessary while strafing, and this technique will become easier with practice. It’s more of a continual left and right motion, adding a few keystrokes to complete due to looking at both sides in order to strafe.

Choose your style

CS:GO changes players’ style of moving around the map. Jumping forward is the most common way of avoiding a shot, but a sideways or backwards jump is a more efficient way of moving on the map depending on your strategy.

While the basics remain the same, sequencing certain keys will generate different styles.

The use of your swift key is necessary, but it can get kind of exhausting. Never fear! You can learn to use the S key and camera keys in combination for quick movements.

One of the most difficult things for most new gamers to learn is Strafing, which allows you to move sideways without stopped walking forward. Sometimes with Bunny hopping, players turn W and S into their strafing keys. Bunny hopping also tends to show how easy it is to strafe by making often unused movements somewhat simple, for example looking left or right will work too.

Is bunny hopping worth it?

Bunny hopping can be beneficial in competitive matches by increasing your movement speed to over 285.94, although it is limited in custom games and normal matches.

Bunny hopping isn’t worth it for anyone that still has to slow down every 4-5 jumps. Would you be able to make up for time lost by going even faster if there weren’t a speed cap?

Bunny hopping is a useful way to cut corners on a map to get to a post faster. It’s great for holding choke points and known locations for rushes.

Some even consider bunny hopping an annoying gameplay mechanic, but it has its advantages. It can be used to move around with a weapon you’d generally want to have equipped due to movement speed concerns or when enemies are more likely to expect you with a pistol or your knives if they hear you running. The downside is that it can potentially throw some VAC accusations your way.

Bunny hopping is a skill you’ll cherish for life. CS:GO isn’t about playing competitively all the time. Sometimes burnt-out players recharge their batteries in community servers, and bunny hopping servers offer some of the best fun. You can quickly lose yourself in parkours and the rhythm while enjoying the skill of bunny hopping. The art of bunny hopping is often regarded as hard to learn but rewarding once learned.

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