Learn How to Remove Bots from CS:GO

In the world of online gaming, there are bots or custom maps that can be downloaded to add new life into a game. In this article we’ll show you how to remove bots from CS:GO

What are bots in CS:GO?

What are bots in CS:GO?

CS:GO bots used to be joke, but that’s because they were incomplete and arguably even more buggy. However, with the recent updates, bots demand serious attention. But while some players love taking bots on, others despise them for frustrating matches and unpredictable behavior.

In CS:GO, bots are a real nuisance. They can cause your practice sessions to be interrupted, they’re costly for pro players, and they’ll drag up ratings for newer players.

How to remove bots from CS:GO

Console CSGO

If you play CS:GO, activate the console via settings. This will allow text input to kick bots from your game.

To avoid automated accounts in CS:GO, type mp_limitteams 1 and mp_autoteambalance 0. This will make it so bots can’t rejoin the game, and teams won’t be auto-balanced.

The console can be opened one last time and bot_kick typed to clear all bots from the game. You can also kick bots from the CT-side by typing bot_kick ct or the T-side by typing bot_kick t.

If you’re not feeling the pressure of fragging bots, type bot_add ct or bot_add t in the console and press enter.

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