How To Open The Console in CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is not like most tactical shooters with a list of easy settings. Interacting with the in-game console provides you all the necessary tools to change your settings and optimize the gameplay.

How To Open The Console in CS:GO

The console on CS:GO can be used to personalize and optimize your game. If you want to bind keys and commands or change your settings, it is worth trying out the Console!

How to open console on CS:GO

To activate the developer console, you first need to enable it through the settings menu. You can do this by clicking Options in the top right corner of the screen from the main menu, selecting Game Settings, and choosing Enable Developer Console. Set it to “yes.”

The key binding for console on CS:GO is default tilde (~). Tilde is the only option on some screens, but you can also change it to something sensible, like the F-keys.

Once you’ve enabled the console in CS:GO and found an appropriate key to bind it to, you can open it in the main menu or throughout a match.

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