How to Chat in CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)

Find out which keys to press to chat with other players in CS:GO by reading this short guide!

How to talk in CSGO

How to send Messages

When in a multiplayer game, you can tap the Y button to access Counter Strike’s All Chat. In this chat box, players from both teams will be able to see your messages.

To send a message privately to your team, start with U. Use the Team Chat feature of Group Chat to share content and stay connected.

After sending a message, push one of the individual keys to continue typing. After you type your long message, push the Enter key to send it.

How to talk in CSGO

To talk in CSGO, push down the K key to use a microphone. You’ll only be able to hear the other team at the end of a game.

How to Chat in Console Commands

Console commands enable you to chat for All Chat or Team Chat. Open the console by pressing ~ and then press say text for general chat or say_team text for team chat.

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